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Pipe fitting class


TIME:2020-04-25   VIEW:222

With glass fiber and unsaturated resin as the main raw material, the BWFRP fiber braided pultruded cable protection sleeve completely overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary PVC cable protection pipes such as corrosion resistance and poor high temperature resistance. Its strength can replace steel pipes and overcome the steel pipes' easy corrosion. 
And the formation of a closed magnetic circuit caused the temperature of the single-core cable to be too high and damaged; BWFRP fiber braided pultruded cable protects the inner wall of the protective sleeve to be smooth and flat, with a low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance: during the laying process, it can greatly reduce the damage to the cable.
Damage and improve work efficiency; Compared with traditional asbestos cement pipes, the product is light in weight, good in flexibility, good in shock resistance and non-uniform settlement, and it is not necessary to encapsulate the concrete at the construction site; transportation is simple, the cost is low, and it can be greatly Shorten the construction period, and the service life is more than fifty years. BWFRP fiber braided pultruded cable retaining tube with high impact strength and buried high-voltage cable protection tube can withstand the impact force of 1KG weight at 2M height at 0 ℃, which fully reflects the low-temperature impact performance of the material. Applicable to the requirements of the construction environment. BWFRP fiber braided pultruded cable protection sleeve has good flame retardant performance, can be extinguished immediately after fire, has excellent mechanical properties and good heat resistance, fire resistance and heat dissipation properties of steel pipes. It is used as a cable protection pipe to overcome steel pipes. HDPE pipe, MPP pipe, traditional glass steel pipe, etc. are not resistant to corrosion and other disadvantages. 

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